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SoulScroll stats to date

Seeing as how I’ve decided to revive the SoulScroll, and since I’m sitting here doing nothing on my bed after having slammed my now-aching knee into my piano bench during what could be construed as an ironic twist of fate, I thought it might be fun to take a look at our stats up until this point.

An overwhelming majority of hits have come from search engines, most notably google.  Here are the 10 most used search terms:

Game Maker Health bar 178
Game Maker Boss 161
How to make a boss in game maker 133
Learn GML 102
Game Maker Surfaces 91
Platform Game Maker 88
Game Maker How to make a boss 85
Game Maker boss tutorial 78
GML code 77
Breach of syntax 71

These are actually quite unexpected to me; I would have thought that something to do with platformers would have been the most used search term, seeing as how the most viewed post is the platform SoulHow article.

Speaking of most viewed posts, here are the ten most viewed articles on this blog:

SoulHow to Make a Platform Game 4,910
SoulHow to Make a Boss in Game Maker Using Actions 3,435
SoulHow to Make two Health Bars 2,844
SoulHow to Code with GML Part 1 2,637
SoulHow to Code with GML Part 2 2,104
SoulHow to actually do stuff with GML Part 1 1,072
Why not to use Solid in Game Maker 853
SoulHow to Get Started With Game Maker 786
SoulHow to Work with Surfaces 744
Game Boss Designing Tips 711
SoulHow to Actually do stuff with GML Part 2 710

All time referrers:

http://gmc.yoyogames.com/ (signature links)

Special thanks to the above four sites for all the traffic.  And thanks to you for giving me these stats to post!  Your steady stream of support, even after I stopped writing for that period, is the reason I decided to pick it up again.  Thanks to everyone!

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