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Youtube Comments – Fighting Pollution with Pollution?

November 10, 2013 3 comments

Unless you live under a rock with your fingers in your ears, you probably know that Youtube recently changed its comment system, and




Apparently one of the things people are pissed about concerning the new system is the fact that now comments have no character limit. So, people are protesting–in the form of copying and pasting really long works of literature, wikipedia pages, etc. into comments, to “prove” that the system is crap because it lets them do that. Let me explain why this is utterly ridiculous. Read more…


Weekly posting

February 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi, readers. I’m back again after another broken promise to tell you something that should excite you at least a bit. I’ve come up with an idea to help myself post more often, in each of my main online “hubs.”

I’m back in school again, and taking a pretty dense schedule, so I don’t have much time over the weekdays. But I decided to use the three weekends (Friday included, when I have no class lectures) to post to three different places.

Friday = SoulScroll blog
Saturday = YouTube channel
Sunday = My Megaman Battle Network FanFic (you can also read it on the Chrono X Forums)

I’m trying to do this because I really do want to start writing and posting again. I just get caught up in all the other stuff that’s been dominating my life recently, and all this stuff just slips my mind. But don’t mistake this for not caring about any of the above–I do care, and that’s exactly why I’m trying to make this new thing work.

Don’t take this schedule totally seriously. That is, I might change things around, like post something to this blog on Thursday and then NOT post on Friday. Basically, what I’m trying to do with this is post once a week at the least, which is definitely more than I’ve been doing lately.

Well, anyway, here’s the obligatory BS filler post. First real one will be next week. But I’ll try my very hardest to have something up by tomorrow on my youtube account, even if I have to do something like recording more of the Megamari Let’s Play. I really want to get up more piano videos, but we’ll see what happens.

Thanks for reading.

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Megaman Battle Network Chrono X 3rd Demo OST now online!

March 27, 2010 1 comment

That’s right! Now that the third demo for Chrono X is out on the official Battle Network Chrono X site, I figured it was time to upload the rest of the Demo 3 OST (15 tracks total) to my youtube account.

Check it out here: