About SoulRed12

Hi, I’m Adam, the app-designing law-school-going tech-enjoying musician. Welcome to the SoulScroll, where you’ll read everything I have to write about my life and endeavors. Well, not everything about my life (I’m not a TOTAL open book), but mostly things I feel are relevant to my online readers. BTW, I’m writing this blog alongside updates to my YouTube Channel, where you’ll find various gaming videos as well as other randomness, so expect some overlap in issues and maybe some posts that link to my videos.

Honestly, this blog is for my readers as much as it is for myself. I love writing blog posts. Therefore, I will write whatever makes me feel good at the time. So if you plan to follow the blog’s rss (which I encourage…) prepare for that as well.

Some from WAY  back when may remember the SoulScroll as the place which would post entertaining Game Maker tutorials. I still have a bunch of them on the blog (see the “tutorials” page), but unfortunately, that’s all you’re gonna get. I could lie and say that I’ll be posting new game maker tutorials every so often just to get you to subscribe, but that would be mean and I’m a nice guy. The only possible exception is articles about general aspects of game design, which I still happen to remember pretty well from my more extreme game writing days. I’m just not using Game Maker anymore, and therefore I unfortunately don’t have much to write a tutorial about. Nor do I frankly have the interest to do so anymore.

I also have the comments locked on all Game Maker tutorials (excluding the ones about general game design) because quite frankly, I’ve lost interest in supporting them. I can appreciate the flattery in being asked questions by people who expect me to be able to give them useful answers, but I don’t use Game Maker any more, and I don’t plan to, not to mention I’m in law school AND I write music, so I just don’t have the time. Therefore, those tutorials will stay locked, and if you need help with them, please take them to the Game Maker Community. Just link to the page with the tutorial you read and I’m more than confident they’ll be able to clear anything up. This may seem like a way to get people to post more links to my tutorials, but it’s really not. I’ve been honest with you so far, haven’t I? No reason to doubt me now.

Speaking of writing music, I’m involved with the awesome Megaman Battle Network fangame called “Chrono X”. We’re making really nice progress, and I’m the composer for the game. Even though I’m involved in it, I can say objectively that it really is a neat project, and you should check it out.

Anyways, that’s it. Thanks for reading this far, and if you want more just read the blog’s content and infer what you want about me. It’s more fun that way, really.

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