1. Do you still write tutorials?
    No, I don’t. Sorry. I’ve stopped using Game Maker, so unfortunately I don’t have much to write a tutorial about anymore. If I do write tutorials in the future, which I might, they won’t be about Game Maker. Tutorials about general game design are still possible, however.

  2. Do you still support your tutorials?
    No, sorry. I’ve stopped writing new tutorials and I’ve also stopped providing support for my old ones. I don’t have time anymore to answer questions, nor do I really have the interest to do so. Again, I don’t use Game Maker anymore. If you have questions about a tutorial, just take the question to the Game Maker Community. I’m more than certain they’ll be able to help you, and probably faster than I could anyways.

  3. What are the “skill levels” in your tutorials?
    After I revived the SoulScroll at the beginning of August ’09, I went through each tutorial one by one and added a skill level, which basically means the level of knowledge about Game Maker one must have in order to be able to fully understand the tutorial.  Don’t be discouraged if you want to use a tutorial or example but you’re not at the skill level yet; try reading it anyways because you might learn something new which will bring you closer to the next skill level.  Here’s a list from least to most skilled:

    1. New User
      Knows next-to-nothing about Game Maker 7, probably because it was first installed very recently.
    2. Beginner
      Knows the bare bones of Game Maker 7; understands events and some of the actions.
    3. Rookie
      Understands most or all actions, and is beginning to think about GML and wonder how it really works.
    4. Novice user
      Understands the basics of GML but still struggles to use and write original code.
    5. Intermediate user
      Able to write some GML; understands the basic concepts about GML and programming.
    6. Experienced user
      Able to write GML for most purposes, though still learning strategies and conventions.  Beginning to learn how and why things work in Game Maker 7, rather than just that they work.
    7. Advanced user
      Able to write GML for almost any purpose, and can usually figure out on their own how to do something they don’t know how to do.  Knows quite a bit about how Game Maker 7 actually works internally.
    8. Expert user
      Understands GML and programming methodology.  Knows a lot about how Game Maker 7 works and is able to use that to an advantage.

  4. Where can I listen to some of your music?
    Check out the Music tab above.  You know, near where you clicked on “FAQs”.

  5. Where can I find your accounts on the major sites you frequent?
    Newgrounds Account
    Youtube Account

  6. Erm, okay, first here, then zymichost, then hostaider, now here again? What’s going on?
    Well, before zymichost, I decided I wanted to be able to use my own custom themes, as well as plugins to allow me to customize my blog to my liking. Little did I realize that it really wasn’t a clever idea, as not using wordpress hosting meant I got little to no traffic from search engines which basically erases any benefit I got from the customization (what’s the point if nobody’s going to see it?). Anyways, I went to zymichost, who let me use plugins and custom themes, but unfortunately, their server had php’s safemode set to ON. This blocked off a lot of WordPress’s features so I had to find a new host. I decided on hostaider, a (previously) great, free service which had safemode set to OFF, but their server was offline for four weeks straight and I simply ended up getting tired of waiting before they were able to sort out the problem. Not to mention I had the realization I mentioned already about the customization. So I settled on going back to the old, comfortable routine of just writing my blog for fun, and here I am again. =]

  7. So, are you ever gonna actually revive this blog?
    *shrug* Who knows? Probably some day. WordPress is sexy.
  1. January 8, 2015 at 10:21 pm

    You are a great teacher. I was reading books on GML and watching video tutorials, but I couldn’t really grasp what the hell it was I was doing. You explained it simply, which helped me be able to follow the books and videos. Appreciate the time you put in.

  2. March 6, 2012 at 7:26 am

    It’s too bad you don’t do tutorials anymore. You are spectacularly good at teaching concepts such as coding. I very much appreciate your GML tutorials, for without them, it would be very hard to get started with coding.

  3. guest
    October 23, 2011 at 8:02 am

    What is your e-mail

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