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You know, we had a good thing going here once

And I’m a bit sad to come back and see this place. I had a great time posting to this blog. A REALLY great time. Maybe I’ll start posting again. I have interesting stuff to say…I think. And my <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/user/soulred12″>Youtube channel</a> is finally up and going and stuff. So I have a bit of an online presence now (even though nobody really watches my videos…sob). But what really got me, was this:


That’s right. People are actually still coming to the blog. Today’s only just started as I’m writing this, but yesterday there were 44 unique visitors. The day before that, 62. It really warms my heart to see that even though I’ve shamefully abandoned it, this place at least hasn’t become a wasteland. It gives me hope that maybe soon, this blog will pick up to where it left off, perhaps writing about the same kinds of things (game design and whatever else I feel like…so basically, whatever I feel like). And people will read it, and enjoy it, and look forward to it, and maybe donate a bit to its writer…oh right, I was supposed to be writing inspirational shit. My bad. :3

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