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Verizon iPhone 4…and 5? “Yeah right,” or, “Yeah! Right!”

So, it’s finally the new year, that is, “early 2011”, the time when the Verizon iPhone 4 is (yet again) expected to appear. Incidentally, as many of you may know, Jobs likes to announce his shiny new iphone-related products in the summer, but more than likely if the VI4 does come out this year as expected by many writers (see this, this, this, and all the other google results…I can’t do everything for you!) it’ll be early on because, well, more time on the market = more money.

I gotta be honest. I’ve been waiting for this for a while. Ever since I’ve started developing apps for iPhone, I’ve developed a sort of techno-crush on it. So the VI4 would be a dream come true for me. However, supposedly Apple is planning on releasing the iPhone 5.

The Wall Street Journal writes:

Separately, Apple is also developing a new iPhone model, said people briefed on the phone. One person familiar said the fifth-generation iPhone would be a different form factor than those that are currently available, said one person familiar with the new iPhone plan. It was unclear how soon that version would be available to Verizon or other carriers.

Also see here for more “evidence.”

Yeah, it’s Apple’s signature move–releasing new devices a year after the previous generation for more sales. But you gotta admit, it works.

Anyway, different writers believe different things about this rumored next-gen iPhone. Some of the most widely expected features are a fixed antenna, a sturdier front covering (supposedly the glass of the current model is easily breakable or something…), and the fabled white exterior (see, for example, this). Others believe things like free navigation and 3g facetime. Google iphone 5 features and you’ll get a whole slew of rumors, but these are the ones I personally found to show up most often.

I’ll say it: I don’t like these rumors of the iPhone 5. Not only would this complicate my Verizon iPhone purchasing decision (should I wait until summer to see if the iPhone 5 comes out? Will there even BE a Verizon version right away of iPhone 5 if it DOES come out? If I wait, will that just be 5 months wasted that I won’t have an iPhone at all?), but I also find it wholly unlikely. The iPhone 4 is still selling amazingly while still tied to AT&T; Apple could likely expect at least as many new sales when it comes to Verizon. Why wouldn’t Apple milk the sales from the initial sales blast at the release of the VI4 and wait before releasing the I5, instead of just releasing the I5 so quickly afterward?

My only guess, if the I5 is coming this summer, would be that the I5 is coming out only for AT&T (at first) allowing AT&T users to upgrade while still being able to ride the wave from a VI4 release. Then again, once the iPhone comes to Verizon, the exclusivity with AT&T would be broken so there would really be no reason to NOT bring it to Verizon as well except to deliberately wait as a business tactic (ignoring the possibility of some sort of unlikely hardware limitation); but in that case, why bring the I4 to Verizon in the first place? Bringing an upgrade 5 months after releasing an essentially new device (an iPhone that works natively with Verizon) would just seem foolish, especially when rumors are already floating around and users won’t presumably be duped into buying I4 and then I5 a few months later. Though, we must remember that these are all rumors in the first place, so we shall see what really does unfold.

Anyway, leave a comment on what you think about this. I’m not really interested in comments about whether the iPhone is good or bad (though I guess you can leave those too), but rather what you think about the iPhone coming to Verizon, the rumored iPhone 5, etc. Looking forward to hearing your opinions!

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