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SoulScroll Revival III

Yes, friends, we are back at THIS LOCATION. HERE. Hosted on WordPress. Why?

Well, I moved to zymichost, as some may be aware, and then I noticed it had php safemode set to ON which blocked many of WordPress’s important features. Then, I switched to hostaider, which was great for a while, but for the last 4 1/2 weeks, their server has been down and I’m just tired of waiting.

The main reason I went to a separate host in the first place is because I wanted to be able to customize my blog more than what wordpress allows you to do for free. However, then (in addition to the server troubles) I realized that hosting elsewhere drops my exposure on google AND I lose the exposure on the wordpress site itself (searches, tag searches, etc.); and customization is useless if nobody sees it!

So I’m back here now. I decided to return to the good ol’ days where I don’t worry about all that customization and just focus on being a blogger.

Unfortunately, as I left hostaider due to a server outage, I was unable to get a backup from the newest blog site, so I’m back to the posts that were here already. It’s okay though, I’ll have enough new posts soon enough.

Also, although I’m unlocking comments on MOST articles, I will NOT be unlocking them on the tutorial posts. I just don’t have the time or interest to answer questions. And as I say on EVERY article, though most people used to ignore it:

IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION, TAKE IT TO THE GAME MAKER COMMUNITY! They are more than capable of helping you with whatever you need!

Also I don’t use Game Maker anymore, so I won’t unfortunately have anything to write new Game Maker tutorials. I might be writing some tutorials in the future, but they will not be about Game Maker. General articles on game design are possible, though. Mostly though, from here on out, it’ll be about music and whatever else comes to mind. I strongly encourage you to check the new “About SoulRed12” page for more specific info about the changes to the blog.

Thanks for understanding. I’m happy to be back here, and looking forward to doing some serious blogging!

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