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I replaced your homework with fruit by the foot

As some of you may or may not know, I’ve been in college for the last year. Last Monday marked the start of my sophomore year in pursuit of my psych degree. And really, whoever said your sophomore years are your hardest…seem to be dead right.

I’ve never had this much homework in the first week of class, ever. If the first week is like this, my god, what will it be like midway through the semester?

Most of it’s just hardcore reading. Oh you know, 40 pages here, 50 there, maybe 30 more over here too, all in extremely small black type on gray pages. Due in a matter of 2-5 days. Fun. *crickets*

What’s ironic is that my finite math class (from which one might expect the most homework) actually has the lightest homework load of all my classes. Homework is all submittable online, with no due date, and with infinite “retries” on all of them. Where as my western civ class, decides it would be a good idea to reduce my life outside of the college library to sleeping in my bed and the 45 minute drive I have to and from college every day. At least our library is really nice…my favorite building on the campus.

Anyways, one of the reasons for writing all this (besides a rant & release, heh) is to point out that I won’t be very active on any forums, at least until winter break. Though, even at that point, I might not increase activity because by then I might have a significant other (working on something right now…) and if it works out I’ll probably be spending most of whatever free time I have with her. We shall see.

I’ll still be on the blog and I might check in on some of my threads on the forums, but no promises. If you need me for one reason or another, just drop a comment on one of the blog entries, or send me a PM on the GMC. Better yet, click on the “SoulRed’s Music” page, go to newgrounds, view and rate some of my music, and drop me a PM there. I’ll be more active there because that’s where I host most of my music. You can also go to CTG music as well, though it’s a “higher class” site so I like to wait until the songs are perfect before uploading (and thus, there are fewer of my pieces uploaded).

Well anyways, wish me luck with the 100s of pages I have to get done by the middle of next week. I’ll need it.

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