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The SoulScroll Lives!

Yes, I’m back in the world of blogging! However, there are a few conditions. I’ve got a number of things I’d like to go over in this post, so here we go.

First of all, further posts will be focused more towards music and general game design, rather than Game Maker itself. Since I’ve moved on from programming to music design, that’s what I’m going to be talking about for the majority of my posts. Remember, though, I said “majority”; I’ll still be writing quite a lot about stuff on the GMC, yoyogames, Game Maker in general, etc. so if you like to come here to read about that kind of thing you don’t have to worry. I’ll also probably put up a new tutorial every so often. However, music is a large part of my life, so most of the discussion will be about that; a lot of it will be about music in video games since that’s what I intend to do, so at least there’s that.

Second, I’m still NOT accepting any technical questions about the tutorials, either old or any new ones I might put up in the future. I may answer a small question that requires a small answer, or for clarification, or to address any issues anyone may have with the article itself (catching a typo, a mistake I made, etc.) but if you just randomly post “help me” or copy+paste some error message you receive in GM, the comment will be deleted. I’m sorry, but comments sections on this sort of thing get pretty large pretty quickly, and I need to save more space for the comments which contribute something to the article.

Speaking of comments, I will once again be going through and deleting all technical-question-related comments in each tutorial. I apologize if any of your comments are deleted; but just know you’re not being singled out. I understand the majority of users who find an individual article from e.g. google or another search engine don’t see any of the newer posts (instead going straight to a tutorial) so there may be a bit of an excuse for some users not knowing that I don’t want technical question comments; but I’m also going to go through each tutorial and add a line at the end reminding users to not post that sort of comment. After that point, any such comment will be deleted without a response. I will note that in the end of every tutorial as well.

Please don’t be afraid to write a comment, however; anything besides a technical question is entirely welcomed. However, if you have any questions at all about any of my articles or tutorials, simply ask them at the Game Maker Community. Members there are more than likely to be able to help you out, and who knows; I may even come across your thread myself. When posting a technical question there about a tutorial you find on this blog, be sure to reference which tutorial you used so people know what to help you with and what code you’re using.

Next, I’ll be going through each tutorial (probably as I add the above-mentioned line to them) and updating them to make them better or more clear. Reading some of them the other day I noticed a few areas which could benefit from some small rewrites.

Regarding my music, I will be posting a new tab up at the top of the page where I’ll list some links where you can listen to my music if you’re interested. I might link to newgrounds, or I might just direct-link to the songs. Hopefully I’ll be able to use the page as a sort of portfolio.

Anyways, once I’m done with all this stuff I’ll write another post to let you know how everything went. Thanks for reading everyone, glad to have you at my blog! Looking forward to all the new content that will be coming up.

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