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Agalag Wins Honorable Mention

The yoyogames cooperation competition results came out today. Agalag got an honorable mention, which although was marginally disappointing, was more than I’ve ever gotten in any game before. =D

So the game has been staff picked, and listed under “runners up” on the competition glog entry.
Congrats to the winners! (jumper 3 especially)

In case you forgot where to find Agalag, it’s here:



Added: 20 August 2008
By: SoulRed12

  1. Copernicus
    October 9, 2008 at 9:49 pm

    I played agalaG and found an unbeatable strategy with which I got a 381926 score with. There is no actual limit to the score using this technique, since the AI can’t get around it. Simply put, the player can be cornered and kept in the corner by sending a steady stream of ships that will eventually destroy the player. You need to update the AI so the player can escape from the corner. I hope you can use this information to improve your game.

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