Yes, Agalag. As in, my yoyogames competition03 entry. As an alien overlord, you must naturally go head to head with the most horrible foe of all time – the Player. If you’re going to keep him at bay, you’ll have to command your ships to work together smoothly. Collect trophies, earn new models, and unlock two new game modes. How long can your fleet survive?

Now that I’ve finished typing that out for a fifth time, here’s a link:



Added: 20 August 2008
By: SoulRed12

It was a great day for me, until I ran into the bug and online highscore security holes. I rushed out an update (V5), which sadly rendered old save files incompatible, and also rendered old versions of the game to be unable to submit highscores. However, everything should be dandy with the new version.

EDIT: And of course, it wasn’t.  Found another bug which most of you probably would have never run into, but still, I removed it and released a new version.

The game’s currently rated 2.3/6 stars. Considering, though, that the average for the best games in the competition is 2.5, I’m not very depressed.

Here is the GMC Topic.

Note that the game can now only be downloaded by going to yoyo and downloading it from there.  As I released inevitable small updates it began to become a nuisance to modify the links in every thread in every forum I posted this game on.

So check it out, and report back if you happen to find any bugs, holes, etc. Thanks.

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