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GM with Vista: not so bad?

So I recently got a brand new computer.  Windows Vista 64 bit.  I’ve needed a new computer for a very long time now; my last one is about seven years old and takes about 5x as long as it should for just about everything.

But I was a little apprehensive about buying this new computer.  I mean, I use Game Maker quite a lot, and with all those threads appearing in the GMC community with members complaining about how Vista decimates their attempts at using Game Maker, what else was I to figure other than that I too would receive such horrible problems?  Well, I was quite wrong.

I actually received no problems that I couldn’t fix within a half-hour.  Having the “invisible text” bug due to Vista 64bit (link here) is the only thing I’ll really have to deal with.  I received the “Failed to set data for ” ” bug, but quickly solved that by right clicking, going to properties and telling it to run as an administrator.  I also received problems trying to re-register my copy of Game Maker 7.0, but these were quickly expelled as well.

I’m not going to say that people who received Vista problems were just complaining, or lying, etc.  What I am saying is that if you are planning to upgrade to vista, don’t let the horrors people have reported with GM on Vista get you down – with a little cunning, and just a hint of wizardry, you can get through it effortlessly.

Mainly what I will recommend, is that upon installing GM, immediately locate the shortcut on your desktop, right click it, go into properties, and select run as administrator.  This will fix the “failed to set data for ” ” problem right off the bat.  It may also fix any registration problems.  Now, I don’t know this for sure, because I got it working myself rather quickly, and thus I didn’t get much time to experiment.  However, it seems to be the only thing I did differently than many others out there, so it’s the only thing I can conclude other than a whole lot of luck.

Upon attempting to register GM, I first tried to enter my details in the “re-register license” or whatever the second box on the registration popup is named.  I found my licensing details (which I had previously saved in an email!), entered them in, and it told me the details were unrecognized.  What?  I copied and pasted it from the email.  It made no sense.  Then I realized that it asked for my name and my purchase number (again, can’t remember the exact words).  Purchase number?  Not activation code?  The email I got from YYG didn’t have one of these purchase numbers.

So after attempting to send the code a few more times, to be sure that it wouldn’t work, I decided to just try entering the details in the first “new activation code” box.  I didn’t have a new activation code, but I figured if I was doing anything wrong the program would tell me.  Guess what?  I entered in the activation code there, along with my details in the box on the right, clicked send, and it immediately reported a successful upgrade to the pro edition.

Suspicious of how easy it seemed, I decided to close out of Game Maker, and reopen.  No problems.  Still Pro version.  I still wasn’t satisfied, so I rebooted my computer, re-opened Game Maker, and still no problems.

Dumb luck, ninja-work, or just perseverance?  YOU DECIDE!  WITH COMMENTS!

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