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Yoyogames Comp02 Nearing Results

Much earlier this year, the site YoyoGames.com announced the second official game maker competition, with an ancient civilization theme (link). Not very conventional, but regardless, it has gotten tons of attention. It’s been a while since the comp was first announced, and many have been waiting very patiently for the much-awaited results. Well, we may be in luck. Yoyogames has finally announced that they hope to get the results of the competition out by the end of this week. They’ve been promising stuff like this for a while, but it seems they’re serious this time, as they’ve actually posted it on their glog.

Currently, the top rated games of the competition are the following:
1. Caveman Craig by RhysAndrews
2. AncientAnts by RedSystem
3. Sixty Five Million and One BC by gareth_tilt
4. Mubbly Tower by 2dCube

Interesting to note, is the fact that 2dCube and RedSystem both placed in the first, winter-themed YYG competition. 2dCube in first, with his game “Frozzd“, and RedSystem in third, for his game “Granny and the Snowmen“.

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